What Is The Usage Of Cryptocurrency In Rural Areas?


What Is The Usage Of Cryptocurrency In Rural Areas?

In the contemporary world, the living standard of people has improved a lot due to digital services and access to the internet. But you will be surprised to know about the fact that in a big country like the United States, there are still many people who are unable to access these modern age facilities. The technology gap is a barrier for most of the people who are dwelling in rural areas. So this can be the valid reason for being untouched with internet use. However, the issue can be resolved with the usage of cryptocurrencies.

If you are not familiar with cryptocurrency upcoming events, then it might not be possible for you to know about the availability of internet access in rural areas. Now, it has become possible with the help of cryptocurrency. Many health services are now facilitated to individuals who rely on the internet for accessing health services.

Usage Of Cryptocurrency In Gaining Internet Access

The trend of cryptocurrency became popular overnight. Kudos to Bitcoin’s founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, who launched Bitcoin on 3rd January 2009. This digital currency is credited for the rising trend of cryptocurrency, globally. In the beginning, the popularity of this digital coin was known only to some people on the internet, who discussed its importance in making people millionaires.

Millions of people in America can now access to the internet which is gradually increasing with the help of cryptocurrency. Needful programs like ‘Althea’ help people living in rural areas. The program deals in the internet-sharing network for buying community internet access. When it is all done, the community can receive web access.

According to Jehan Tremback, founder of Althea, routers are allowed by software to pay for the bandwidth, which is a basic concept of it. The process is followed with equipment set up having wide WiFi antennas, which are connected to the other enabled equipment akin to it, leading to network formation. For having internet access, the user has to put cryptocurrency to the router. The payment is required for its use.

It is much distinctive to the internet service, which we are familiar with. Although, it may prove cost-effective, but will also open possibilities for those living in rural areas. Now, you must be wondering about how does crypto play a role in it. So the answer for this is that the cryptocurrency is the medium through which payments are made for Althea. So this is one such example of the usage of cryptocurrency in rural areas.

Apart from Althea, Wificoin also comes as an alternate option for providing internet access. It is a cryptocurrency-based internet access program, which is also available widely. There are plans to make nearby hotspots getting accessed by people with two major cryptocurrencies, Ethereum or Bitcoin by the company.  The plan goes like this; if users make connectivity, 100 Wificoin would be done as payment to them. By using the hotspot, they can easily cash into the access of one megabyte to WiFi. However, the technology is not yet updated by the creators of Wificoin, but in the coming future, it might become the feasible internet source for the people.


Most users are familiar with cryptocurrencies as a form of digital payment for trading activities. But today, they will become aware of new usage of cryptocurrency in rural areas. With mediums company like Althea and Wificoin, it will enable rural people to access the internet, which they haven’t been able to do before. Cryptocurrency has become a milestone in the new financial era. The popularity of Bitcoin has played a major role in making the trend of cryptocurrency a successful overnight. Internet access has become a need for everybody in today’s contemporary time. Most of the time, rural people get untouched by it, due to lack of medium, but now the problem is possibly resolved by cryptocurrency.

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