What Are Social Media Walls & Reasons Your Event Needs It?

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What Are Social Media Walls & Reasons Your Event Needs It?

Organizing events is not as easy as it might look, it takes a lot of efforts to set up a successful and effective event that stays in the memory of the attendees. Sometimes event organizers put in so much effort in making the event killer that they forget about how the audience might like it.

The audience engagement becomes a problem when the event is too promotional or doesn’t make the attendees feel a part of the event. Therefore, finding something that will engage the audience as well as give them importance is extremely essential for an engaging and enjoyable event.

We have the perfect solution for you: Social Media Wall for Events!

So let’s dive in and know what exactly it is and why your events need it.

What are Social Media Walls?


Social Media Walls are display walls that showcase content from various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and many more. The content can be in any form such as images, videos, blogs, text, tweets, GIFs and everything else in between.

The wall operates in real-time, which means it almost instantly updates the content from the social media channels. The content can be collected through various options such as hashtags, account handles, mentions, and tags. It is a great way to provide your attendees with a superlative event experience that they cherish all their lives.

Reasons your event needs Social Media Walls

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There are multiple reasons that will convince you to install one of these social media walls in your event.

Increase User Engagement

Scrolling through social media is something that everybody is fond of, going through other people’s posts and looking at their images. It has the ability to catch your attention and display the posts of other attendees in front of you. When you look at other’s posts, you also feel like posting your own pictures. This keeps the attendees engaged and they willfully create content for you.

Social Proof Creation

Now that everyone wants to be featured on the wall, they are posting their images, videos, and statuses on their social media. These posts are the creation of social proof for your event, which displays how happy and joyful the attendees are at your event. You can later utilize this social proof for your marketing purposes as well.

Build Trust

Now that social proof is created and displayed, the trust among other attendees and people on social media increases automatically. When they look at such exciting and satisfactory posts, they will definitely trust your event a little more. User-Generated Content is considered to be one of the most trusted forms of content anyway. It makes you believe in things you might not have believed if it was promoted a brand itself.

Social Reach

Your attendees are posting about your event on their social media accounts which means all their followers will be able to see it. The more attendees, the more reach as all the attendees will have a different follower-base. This expands your social reach and extends your target audience.

When so many people post about your event using your hashtag, there is a slight chance that your event might be trending on social media depending upon the gathering’s size.

Showoff your Sponsors

Organizing an event is never easy, you need to look for sponsors and they demand to have a good show off so that they’re recognized by the attendees. Sponsors have some demands that get very difficult to fulfill but social media walls can help. You can integrate your sponsor logos and posts along so that they can be shown off in a more innovative way. You can also put up a constant banner, ticker on the screen for a continuous sponsor display.

Community Building

While people are posting on their social media using the same hashtag, they create a community. This community is formed unintentionally and can help the attendees to interact with each other post the event as well. You can have a look at all the posts that you might have missed out on the social wall, and see what all was present at the event and what wasn’t. It can be a great opportunity to connect.


As already mentioned above, there are various important factors Social Media Walls can help with. It can do wonders for your events and get you unimagined results in terms of engagement and participation. After all who doesn’t want to see themselves on large screens.

We assure you that Social Media Walls will be the right option to make your event hit. Along with engagement, you can also work on different things with it such as improving user-experience through the live feedbacks they are posting on their social media walls. Also, User-Generated Content can be the right way to connect with the audience and make them feel like a part of the event. This will help you build a better brand image and create brand value.

So what are you still waiting here for?

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