SEO vs PPC: What Is Better For Your Business?

SEO vs PPC: What Is Better For Your Business?

For anyone working on the internet with digital marketing as an aim, one of the biggest challenges is to understand whether to choose SEO or PPC for their campaigns. The question is whether simply buy your path to the top-ranking position on Google or to use the organic strategies and marketing strategies to find a suitable spot for maximum engagement. With Google processing, more than 3.5 billion searches every day – the doubt of choosing the best is very much relevant!


When it comes to gaining user attention on the platform, SEO and PPC are both able to draft good traffic and promise enough attention to the website. As per the PPC Company in Delhi, both come with their own set of efforts and costs to reap the suitable benefits. In this scenario, what is better for your business matters the most. Let’s find out!

Visibility of the website

With SEO the brand is strategically placed with the right keywords that associate with the brand. Therefore, is anyone on the internet runs a search related to the field that you are operating in, they shall be able to see your content. The visibility is for the targeted keywords and their audience. But when it comes to PPC, the ads are places across various websites in the form of advertisements connecting with even the people who haven’t searched for your products. Here the users cannot choose the advertisements or ignore your ads.

The kind of traffic captured

SEO is more about creating a base of organic traffic where interested people browse through the content. The traffic coming to the website is 100% authentic thereby influencing the quality of the website, improving the Google rankings and affecting the business of the website in a good way. For the PCC advertisements, the traffic isn’t really about the choice but for the zones and areas of the market. You don’t get to filter the traffic coming in. As such, although the traffic dropping into the website shall be higher in numbers, their ability to influence the business or generate sales is but a matter of luck.

Credibility and trust

Most often on the internet, greater credibility and trust are based on the websites that have come a long way building up content. The SEO involves hard work, and regular creativity to make an influence. And when these websites show up on the internet, people lay greater attention due to their efforts, authentic traffic, and ranking which is originally earned by the website. For the PPC Company in Delhi rankings, most of the audience knows that the website ranking has been sponsored and thus the website might not serve for the purpose they are looking for.

Cost per click/Budget suitability

When it comes to budget, SEO and PPC both require good money to make the website rank on google. But the way of spending on them both is different. While through the SEO technique the focus is on creating content and building up traffic over some time, through PPC the advertisements are run through one-time payments and for a fixed period. Of course, PPC requires more money to make a suitable impact in the market. SEO too shall need a lot of expense, but it is spread over some time for one to maintain their finances and run the business.

Ranking Sustainability

With PPC, the advertisements vanish the moment the time for running the advertisements are over. As you keep paying, the response from the platforms keep emerging. But the moment payment is stopped, the advertisements vanish. With SEO, there is an advantage in sustainability as it is not about the advertisements but the base of content one has created. As long as the keywords are searched for and the content stays relevant to the audience, the website shall be placed in the rankings for the audience to visit and connect to the website. SEO has a sustainable effect!

Click-through rate

It is more likely to generate revenues from highly placed organic linking than highly placed advertisements. Popular search engines like Google, although display the advertisements, sponsored links and product snippets on their search results, most of the time the organic listings are so great that the PPC promotions are put on the second listing. The organic listing gains the attention of the audience the most.


Scope of the website

With a wide world of an audience looking for new content each time, the website needs a regular update of new and relevant content to expand its audience outline. One must maximize scope through being a provider of content that new queries require.  The need to put up with new content is very important. But for the PPC promotions, the website does not need to have the matching content, updated data bank, etc. for appealing to the search engine or the audience. It’s much liked an advertisement that is run across places that the users can check and find if they are relevant.

The effects of competition

The strategic advantage of SEO is that the competitors cannot out list you from the rankings unless they are able enough to create as quality content as you have (or maybe better!). The time and effort you put in allow you to have a position that isn’t easy to lose. The rankings can be pushed only when Google finds better content than yours.  But for the PPC, anyone who pays for a better advertisement or campaign can run a better awareness program on the web and get the attention you had been praying for. Although the traffic is fast to come and requires fewer efforts, the results may vanish fast too.

Most of the PPC company in Delhi advise companies to choose PPC when they are running low on time, high on budget and need quick conversions. But for a more sustainable stay in the market, building up loyal customers and influencing the market with the company’s vision – SEO is the way to go!


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