Guide to Choosing an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner for your Home

Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner for your Home

Guide to Choosing an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner for your Home

Did you know reason behind many people in India not buying an AC despite having the affordability the? They don’t want to keep spending a large amount in the form of the monthly electricity bill.

But if you can implement a few tips smartly, then you may be able to choose an energy-efficient AC for your home. Would you like to know those tips? Continue reading this article!

Choose the right sized AC

You may get an escalated energy bill because your AC has not been installed in the right place. It is forced to strain to work which means consuming more power units. Hence, it is vital to install the right sized Blue Star AC or any other in the right room. You should install up to 1 Ton AC in a small sized room, and 1.5 ton and more in a medium to the large room. This way, you would be able to save big on the power bills per month.

Choose the right place to install your AC

Many times, you may still have to bear the brunt of the hefty power bills despite installing the right size in the right room. It may be because you may not have installed the air conditioner in the wrong place. When you get it installed in the corner of the room facing sunlight all day, then it may be one of the reasons for AC not working. Thus, you should install an AC in a shaded area so that it works well and is not strained to increase the light bill.

Set the AC temperature at 24 degrees and more

Did you know the Ministry of Power, Government of India has made it mandatory for AC manufacturers to make the AC default temperature at 24 degrees? Yes, it means that the AC temperature will be set at 24 degrees when you switch on the machine. And if you run it at that temperature, then you will be able to save up to Rs.4,000 per year on power bills. If you can keep the AC temperature at 26 degrees, then it will mean pocketing around Rs.6,500 on electricity bills annually. Thus, if you want to enjoy consistent cooling without paying hefty energy bills, then you should run the AC at 24 degrees.

Other energy saving tips for ACs

The next advice is using a ceiling fan when the cooling has begun. Yes, when you use a ceiling fan while the AC is working, it can help you circulate the cold air fast and bring down the temperature. It will help you avoid straining the AC, and in turn, it will lead to lower power bills. You should also ensure to keep the doors and windows of the room where the Blue Star or any other AC is installed completely shut. A leakage will mean the escaping of cool air from the hole and bring in hot air. It will affect the efficiency of the AC and lead to higher electricity bills.

It would also be recommended to not to keep on opening and to close the AC room door to avoid escaping the cool air. It would be recommended to buy an inverter AC to save at least 20-25% on power bills. It is because an inverter AC is not bothered by fluctuating room temperature, and the compressor is not going on and off. Before buying an AC, you should be aware of these things as well. In such a way AC buying guide could be a great solution to read or know more on this.

If you are not buying an inverter AC, then you should at least get a 4-5 Star Rated conventional split or window AC to save on the light bill.

By employing the discussed tips, you will easily be able to get efficient AC cooling without escalation of the electricity bills.

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