How Mobile Home Insurance Differs From Home Insurance in Ireland

By | May 12, 2020

What is home insurance?

There are a number of different kinds of names given to home insurance and this is also often called building insurance, house insurance, property insurance or homeowners insurance. It is mainly designed to protect the home of the insurer against any damages that might be caused to it due to storms, floods, fire, etc. It also includes the repairing and the replacing cost of the home, outbuildings, garage and also other permanent fixtures. The legal liability is also covered under this policy if in case someone gets injured when the property was damaged.

There are a number of things that the home insurance covers. It covers the contents that may get damaged due to damage caused to your home. The level of covers is many.

What is Mobile insurance?

Mobile home insurance is also called manufactured home insurance. It covers all dwellings that fall under the manufactured home. These homes are built on a frame that is made up of metal and is delivered in one part. There is also a HUD label present in it.

This insurance is quite similar to the normal home insurance policy. It covers your home, the liability claims, and the property in your home. The two basic coverages that are included here are for personal damage and for the physical damage.

In case the mobile home or the contents in it are physically damaged from any kind of perils that include hail, fire, theft or even vandalism then the insurance company pays for all the damages caused to it. It also covers all the extra structures to the lot and these include garage, patio and also the other belongings. These policies include coverage for all the liabilities that include somebody else’s property that got damaged due to the damage caused to your home. It also includes the injuries caused to a guest, who was at your home at the time of the peril. But this liability coverage does not cover the injured homeowner or the family members. In case you slip a step at home and fall down in your home, then you will not get a reimbursement for the medical expenses, however, in case your kids damage the windows of the neighbor accidentally, then you will get the cost of the repairs reimbursed.

Differences between mobile home insurance and standard home insurance

There are some very important differences between mobile home insurance and standard home insurance. The difference is mainly due to the structural differences of the covered dwellings. Mobile homes are not attached to any kind of foundation and as a result, the risks associated with it are certainly higher. Everything including the wind, fires as well as the broken pipes are a bigger threat to these mobile homes. The chances of thefts are also quite high for mobile homes. But whatever the case may be house insurance is important for both kinds of home.

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