Top 5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Water

Benefits of drinking water

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Water

We frequently heard from our elders that drink more water! Do you ever meditate? Why? Water is one of the essential substances, and without water, life on the planet called earth is not possible. Light, air, and water is crucial for living. It is also quoted that people can live without food for many weeks, but without water, no one can live for more than one week.

Water (H2O) is made up of two hydrogen atom and one oxygen atom. This hydrogen-oxygen containing molecules are essential for our body in various ways like it helps in the circulatory system, maintains skin health, removes waste material from the human body, etc. Thus keep drinking water regularly and maintain the body’s hydration level.

Along with these benefits here we have listed a few more health benefits of drinking water

Helpful Information About Saliva & Mucus

Saliva is one of the essential secretion, essential for food digestion, to keep our mouth, nose, and eye moist. Along with absorption, it also reduces friction and protects you from damage. Drinking a sufficient amount of water is essential for the secretion of saliva and mucus. Drinking more water also keeps your mouth clean.

Helpful In Oxygen Delivery Through The Body

It is the blood that carries oxygen throughout the body. Blood contains 85-90% water, which helps in proper and speedy flow. As the hydration level reduces inside, the blood is getting thicker, and its flowing capacity starts decreasing, which results in improper delivery of oxygen throughout the body.  But consumption of the proper amount of water keeps your blood thicker, which enable smooth blood flow throughout the body.

Improve Skin Health and Beauty

Your skin contains more than 64% of water. The presence of the proper amount of water in your body maintains its elasticity and protect it from age-related issues and wrinkles. But when your body hydration level decreases, even by one percent, skin loses its elasticity and starts to experience age-related problems like wrinkles and acne.

Helps In Weight Loss

These days everyone is looking for a fit body and healthy body weight, and for that, they perform the various exercise. But only people are aware of this as drinking water increase the metabolic rate, which results in rapid weight loss. Several studies indicate that drinking sufficient amount of water might increase performance during strenuous activity.

More study supported this result; however, still more research are required to confirm this, but it is proven that dehydration reduces performance activity during various physical activity lasting longer than 30 minutes.

Maintain Kidney Health

Water helps in dissolving minerals and nutrients, and making is more accessible for the body. Water is also helpful in the removal of waste products. Due to these two activities, water become vital for this vital organ. Everyday Kidney filters 120-150 quarts of water in which 2 quarts are removed from the body in the form of urine, and the rest amount is recovered in the bloodstream. Thus water is essential for the Kidney’s function.

If the Kidney doesn’t work correctly, the waste products and excess fluids remain inside the body, which leads to chronic Kidney diseases, if left untreated.

Along with these health benefits, drinking water also maintain human health properly. But it is only possible when you drink pure and healthy water all the time. Getting pure and healthy water is the major issue as these days, water is getting polluted at an alarming rate. But thanks to the various water purifier machines, which enables us access to pure and healthy water all the time.

Consumption of healthy water also improves your immune system and protect you from various kinds of waterborne diseases. The immune system of your body fights against pathogens; thus, a stronger immune system is essential. Because a weak immune system can result in several kinds of health issues. Therefore drink water, purified by water filter and drink pure water all the time you wish to drink.

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