Importance Of Nutrition For Good Health

Importance Of Nutrition

Importance Of Nutrition For Good Health

“If you think fitness is expensive, try illness”

Every person around us who love us will be there with us only to some extent. Be it your friends, spouse, partner, siblings or parents, none of them will be there for you all the time. It’s just you who will be there for yourself. When I say you, I mean your mind and your physical self i.e. your body. Both these components of an individual determine the overall health of an individual. When we talk about health, it has two major components, nutrition, and exercise. We all know how exercising and workouts are important for developing good health, but did you know for maintaining good health, the role of exercises is only 20% the rest of the role is played by nutrition?

Here we will be discussing the role played by nutrition and its impact on our health.

What Is Nutrition?

Speaking in simple words, nutrition is the process of providing and obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. Our body is like a machine and the food we eat acts like fuel to it. We require energy to do all our daily chores and thus food is very significant for our survival. Every kind of food has some elements in it. There 5 major elements of food that are required by our body-

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

Out of all, the first three are macros as they are required in large amounts and the latter are micros because they are required in a small amount. The food which we eat is in complex form and when it goes through the digestive process, it then gets broken into a simpler form. It then transferred to different body parts through the blood. Let’s understand what nutrients we need for our bodies and what their impacts on our bodies are.


This is the most important component of food that is required by human beings. Carbohydrates are the energy house. They give us the energy to perform our day to day tasks and other activities. The human diet must include a very significant amount of carbohydrates right from the beginning as children love to play and run a lot. Babies as old as 7-8 months can get good carbohydrates from their mother’s milk and the best baby formula brands 2020 and gradually as the body grows, the kind of food should be changed.


Next on the list is the most powerful thing that we consume through our diet. As we all know, proteins are the building blocks of our lives. Protein is required to build, maintain and repair all the cells and tissues. Also, protein is required to build other body essentials like enzymes, blood, hormones, blood. And the most important thing why protein is required is to build and maintain bones and muscles. There is an interesting fact about protein that our body doesn’t hold or retain protein unlike carbohydrates and fats, so when we require protein we have to consume it, unlike carbohydrates which are supplied by the body itself in case of emergency.


As soon as we hear the term fat, we resist to consume it. But do you know fats are almost as essential as protein or carbohydrates? Fats are essential to provide energy and to grow many cells and tissues. Also, they are required to keep our bodies warm in extreme weather conditions. Fats are the most essential thing to absorb so many nutrients and to produce important hormones. Indeed, some fats are not required by the body in high quantities. Fats affect our bodies when we consume bad fat more and good fat loss. In simple words, good fats are mono and ploy-unsaturated fats and bad fats are saturated and trans fat.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are the two best things that are required by our body in very small quantities but are very crucial to living a healthy life. Although they are termed as micronutrients and as discussed, they are required in a very small amount but if they are not consumed in even that small amount, it can result in causing diseases like rickets, weak bones, and scurvy. It’s a bit difficult to extract these micronutrients from food so these essential nutrients are available in capsules and tablets.


Food is perhaps the most important thing that is required by any living being for their survival. As discussed above there are five major nutrients that are required by our body. These nutrients along with an adequate amount of water comprise a balanced diet which is the best for our health and body.

So, that was the list of all the important nutrients for our body to live a healthy life. We hope that you liked it and will keep yourself and your family healthy.

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