Is It Possible To Clear PTE Exam In First Attempt?

clear PTE exam in first attempt

Is It Possible To Clear PTE Exam In First Attempt?

You might have heard test-takers say that the PTE exam can be hard to nail in the first attempt. This exam is the path to get admitted into your desired program at your choice of university or to migrate to New Zealand or Australia. You would not want to blow your chances of getting a better life.  If you are looking for ways to ace the exam in the first go then you have come to the right place. We have put together this article that will help you to clear the PTE exam in the first attempt.

Know When You Are Ready To Take The Test

You should not take the PTE exam if you are not ready because you will just waste your fees and get disappointed with the low score. You cannot ace this exam without proper PTE practice. You should opt for a PTE mock test to evaluate if you are ready to take the exam or notThe score on the mock test will give you a rough idea about how much you will score on the actual exam. You should always set a target score before starting your preparation. This will help you to push yourself to reach the goal. If you manage to get the target score on the mock test then you are ready to take the PTE exam.

Understand The Exam Format

You need to thoroughly understand the PTE exam format. There are 4 main modules that consist of sub-tasks. Each of these tasks either tests specific skills or integrated skills. The PTE mock test is the replication of the PTE exam. It will help you to understand the type of questions that are asked on the exam and how each section is timed.

Practice Taking Notes

On the PTE exam, you will come across many questions that will require you to note down the important things and events so you can include them while speaking or writing your response. You should avoid writing full sentences because you will not get enough time to note everything down. Remember, you are on a clock so only note down the main words. Practice taking notes so you know proper techniques of taking notes during the PTE exam.

Improve Your Grammar Skills and Vocabulary Knowledge

If you are looking forward to getting a good score on the PTE exam then you need to make correct use of grammar. Make use of the right words and form correct sentences. You will find several grammar and vocabulary exercises online that will help you to improve your grammar usage and increase your vocabulary base. You should make a habit of reading newspapers, blogs and books as that will help you to improve your skills. If you come across a new word then find it’s meaning in a dictionary and try to use it in day to day life. This will help you to keep the word in your memory for a longer time.

Write Relevant and Engaging Content

Content is key. Your content should be relevant to the topic that is given to you. Your sentence formation should include correct grammar and selection of the right words. Impactful opening and closing sentences will get you more points. Conclude your response with a strong conclusion that will leave an impact on the reader’s mind. Always take some time to frame your response before diving into speaking or writing it. Because if you fail to frame it beforehand then there are chances that you might end up taking a long pause to collect words in your mind while speaking your response. But if you already have an idea about what you are going to speak then it will come out in a flow.

Avoid The Use of Fillers

Fillers are words like umm, err, ahh, etc that we tend to use while trying to gather the next thought in our mind. It is hard to avoid them but you should make a conscious effort to not include them in your response. Try to follow this during your practice so you are prepared to ignore them in the PTE exam.

Oral Fluency is Important

Oral Fluency is the first thing that is evaluated in the speaking module. You need to speak your responses fluently. If you break your response in small chunks that do not convey a proper meaning then you will lose points. So you need to maintain a proper flow while speaking your response. You should also make use of proper intonation. This means you should begin your sentence with a rise in the tone and end will a drop in the tone. If you speak in the same tone throughout then you sound like a robot. Try to stress on the words that are important as it helps the listener to understand the overall idea of what you are trying to convey. Make use of these tips on the PTE exam.

Manage Time Efficiently

Each section on the PTE exam has a specific time allotted to it. So, you should learn to work in timeframe. If you do not know the answer to some question then move forward. You shouldn’t waste a lot of time or you will not be able to tackle all the questions in time. This will help you to score on the other questions. You should learn to manage your time efficiently during your preparation.

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