Delhi To Amritsar: Make The Most Of Your Weekend Getaway!

By | May 13, 2020

Amritsar, Punjab: Often known as the heart of Sikh’s. Who would want to miss this ultimate travel destination which has so much to offer in less than a week’s time?

Busting streets, jostling space, and Punjabi food? What else one of a kind Indian wishes for? Amritsar is a town that has captured the hearts of many. Although it might seem overwhelming at first, a few days here and you would definitely want to come back to this wonderful place.

There are ample of golden temple tour package from delhi available to cater to your weekend getaway, resulting in making the most of it!

Golden Temple – The Pride Of Punjab!


Want to spend some time alone and attain peace? You are at the right stop! The Golden Temple is one such place to experience the religious customs, practices, and of course, the vibe of the place which is just incomparable to any other. Beautiful holy place, with cleanest river flowing beside, sounds incredibly amazing. Think of how beautiful it will be to be seen in real life? 100,000 visitors are fed every day with unlimited wholesome food and tea – the temple management, and their love, makes sure no one in Amritsar goes to sleep hungry, that is the beauty of Sikh people, the beauty of India, which makes it an “incredible India”.

Places to Visit:

Starting your journey from Amritsar, the next nearby stop is “Jallianwala Bagh” Another important and holy place to consider, the garden is associated with the Indian Freedom Movement which laid immense efforts for keeping to preserve the place for what it was half a century ago, the place is now a full-fledged garden with pathways, and has a light and sound show too. Every sightseeing place may be included in your golden temple tour package from delhi.

Make sure to keep in mind that no Amritsar trip is complete without attending the ‘Lowering of the Flags’ ceremony at the India-Pakistan Attari Border Crossing, popularly known as the Wagah Border. It is one such place where you will feel the most alive, with the feeling of your religion and utmost sanity. The parade, and the similar happenings happen each day twice where the soldiers tend to create efforts in order to outdo the ones on the other side, and crowds cheer on with slogans like Vande Mataram and Jai Hind, it regardless of anything does have an innate ability to evoke a sense of patriotism in every Indian watching the scenario.

What Are Punjabi’s Without Food?

How could we even forget to mention about food, the only good thing through which Punjab’s keep their smile up, at any time of the day! Of course, who doesn’t love food? Especially the authentic punjabi one! Starting form the most famous and mouth-watering- Kachoris, aaloo kulchas, Amritsari naans, chur chur naan, punjabi lassi, kheer, mithais, jalebi, matthis and more – the food in Amritsar is the ultimate highlight of the trip! Dessert? Jalebi, out there will keep you for urging more and more without having to stop!

The stuffed kulchas at Bharawan ka Dhabha are said to be extremely delightful. Oh, makki di roti and sarson da saag – truly heavenly! At Kesar da Dhaba, all your diet control plans can go for a toss.There are numerous things to hog on,  but tastebuds still would stay insatiable.

Things To Note:

Where to Stay? Experience, recommendations suggest following hotels in Amritsar – CJ International (3 star), Sawera Grand (4 star) and Hyatt (5 star)

Budget: Rs. 3,000 per person (A 2-night stay in 3-star hotel inclusive of meals).

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