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By | May 3, 2020

Coding Ninjas Career Fair – Best Coding Jobs

Think, create, and innovate. This is the power you will get once you become a Coding Ninja. Nowadays python online course in India is the latest career trend in which many upcoming developers are building their world around. Over at Coding Ninjas, we strive to teach you the most recent programming courses. The curriculum we offer our students is one of the most effective ones available in the field. The course has been developed by our refined team of members- all who happen to be seasoned software developers and experts in their respective fields. Once you pass you will be able to get posts at places like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, Oyo, Flipkart, Samsung, Walmart, and Morgan Stanley.

The Python course offered by us is the Python Foundation with Data Structures.

What is Python?

First most you need to know that Python is an interpreted open-source multi-paradigm programming language of very high-levels that is used for Coding. In the Python course in India, you get to choose from modules according to your expertise.

What will you learn?

In Python, the course offered by Coding Ninjas, you will get the chance to learn and boost your career in data science, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning as well. Big tech giants like Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Quora, Youtube, IBM, among others, use Python coding for rapid prototyping. Our Python Foundation course will ensure you are prepared to become a Python expert and avail jobs as a Python developer with these tech giants. In the Python online course in India at Coding Ninjas, you will need to solve 250-300 problems during the course schedule, which will help you in enhancing your developer skills and build your strong data structure foundation.

Coding Ninjas offer Python online course in India in four modules from which students can choose. The first is the Complete Python Beginners and Data structure module in which you get to know how a programmer communicates with a computer while designing the software. Topics covered in this module require a moderate level of aptitude.

The next module is the Python Beginner Module, in which you come face to face with the basics of Python programming language. This is your first step from writing “Hello World” to the most critical topics, such as OOPS and other functions.

The next module is the Python Data Structures Module. In this module, you get to know about all the primitive and latest data types, including lists, stacks, strings, etc. Python Coding helps data scientists and computer engineers in understanding the various data structures that help in solving larger problems in a matter of time by using Python language. In this module, you get to learn about the different Python data structures and also learn how to implement them. Topics like being comfortable with the basic python programming are dealt with in this module.

The last module is the Python & Aptitude Preparation Complete Module. In this module, you get to learn by undergoing 300+ practice problems that help you understand in-depth data structures. You begin right from the beginning by learning the basic learning fundamentals, and from here next in line is logic building, OOP concepts, etc. This helps you in taking on advanced DS & Algorithm concepts with ease. In this module, you get to learn how to write algorithms, analyze solutions, and solve them on your own. This module also helps you prepare for the interview as you get a rigorous and comprehensive preparation on what and how to explain. You are trained not only in the technical state, but common aptitude grounds as well. Quantitative aptitude, Data Interpretation, Verbal Ability, and Logical reasoning are all covered in this module.

Coding Ninjas, along with extensive and holistic courses, also offers a faculty consisting of a team of experts who have worked at institutes like IITD, Stanford, and more. Once you join us, you get mentor support that will take you to unimaginable heights. One mentor is assigned to every ten students, which means you get individual attention. You will also get to use CodeZen- an online platform that used proprietary technologies, well-crafted content curriculum, and social elements, so you get the best learning experience. With 100% placement in giant tech firms, you need not worry about your future.

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